The Maritime Mecca Marstal

In Ærø’s maritime Mecca, Marstal, not all roads lead to Rome but to the Harbour. The Harbour that once was the home of the second largest navy in the country surpassed only by Copenhagen. Marstal’s maritime identity is to be seen everywhere with its impressive self-built pier, streets named after ships and sea heroes as well as monuments in honor of fallen sailors. A visit to the great Marstal Maritime Museum, only makes you want to explore the town even more. However the maritime does not only belong to the past but is to be found in places such as Marstal Navigation School, HCC Boatyard and  Motorfabrikken Marstal. In addition to the intriguing maritime past and present Marstal also offers one of Denmarks most lovely beaches with Ærø’s most photographed beach house. The Town has a varied selection of shops, bars and restaurants and events such as Grollefest and Harmonikafestival attracts lots of people each year.

Marstal Marina is annually visited by 16.000 yachts.

The Fairytale Town Ærøskøbing

Ærøskøbing is a true fairytale town with cozy cobblestone streets, old well preserved houses and several unique colorful doors which immediately brings you back in time. It is Denmark's best preserved 18th century market town and is due to its fairytale atmosphere a place for several annual weddings. In Ærøskøbing you can go on town square markets and you can walk around the town with the watchmen to learn more about the cultural history. You can also visit museums, e.g. Flaske Peters Samling (Bottle Peter’s Collection) or Ærø Museum, where you will learn about traditions of people living on Ærø. On Vesterstrand you will find 71 of the iconic and colorful beach houses, it can be very difficult to choose a favorite. You can also explore the selection of smaller trade shops, buy local products at  Den Gamle Købmandsgård  and eat on the different delicious restaurants. Ærøskøbing hosts events such as Ærø Jazz Festival, Ærø Dog Days, Cph Dox and the yearly soapbox race championship.

Charming Søby

Søby is located at the north western corner of Ærø and is known for its active port with shipyard and fishing. The town is also known to be Ærø’s Gateway to Europa because of the ferry connection to Als close to the German boarder. After visiting the vibrant Harbor and the Town Mill which is the landmark of Søby, one should visit the manor house Søbygaard where Ærø Festspil and Søbygaard Concerts takes place. A little outside Søby you will find Skjoldnæs Lighthouse which is surrounded by unique seaside golf courses. Enjoy a game of golf with sea views on three sides or walk around the scenic Vitsø.