Sailing with ÆrøXpressen in the beautiful waters between Langeland and Ærø is a cruise experience in itself, so you dream away and simply enjoy the trip. However, there are a number of practical points we would like to draw attention to.


Opening hours


and meeting time



Marstal and

Rudkøbing Ports


at Ports



Travelling with



and cards


on board


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Office opening hours

The office is open 9-16 every weekday where you can

be served by mail or phone: [email protected]

and phone: +45 7370 7800

The office is closed Saturdays, Sundays and on Holidays.

Outside the office’s opening hours, you can contact us if you have urgent inquiries by texting  +45 3050 5991.

Bookings and meeting time

Seat reservation and purchase of tickets is made on our online booking.

You can also buy a ticket at the office in Marstal or on board the ferry.

All tickets must be paid for online unless you have a 10 trip card.

For passengers with vehicles who have a reservation, the meeting time is no later than 10 minutes before departure. If you arrive later, your reservation does not apply and you must drive in lanes for vehicles without reservation.

Cancellation and Refund Policy 

Booked and paid tickets can be refunded up to a 1/2 hour pre-scheduled departure. This can be done yourself in the booking system on "My Page" or by telephone to the office on +45 7370 7800. Outside office hours, you can send an SMS to our emergency phone +45 3050 5991.

You can also move your reservation to another time on the day itself or to a later day up to 1/2 hour before departure, subject to the space of the departure in question. Of course, you can also use your ticket as payment for a chance trip on that day or on a later day.

Marstal and Rudkøbing Ports

It is easy to find the ferry in both Rudkøbing and Marstal. At the entrance to both towns are signs showing the way to the ferry.

Rudkøbing Port: Havnepladsen 1, 5900 Rudkøbing. Coordinates: 54.937453, 10.702961

Marstal Port: Havnepladsen 8, 5960 Marstal. Coordinates: 54.856403, 10.521553

When you arrive at both ports there is an overview board that shows which lanes are for cars with reservation and which ones are for cars without. If you are driving and have a reservation, the meeting time is no later than 10 minutes before departure. If you arrive later, your reservation does not apply and you must drive in lanes for vehicles without reservation.

In both ports information screens will show the current timetable, and information about cancellations, delays and any additional crossings. In Rudkøbing, the information screen is in the waiting room in the yellow building by the ferry. In Marstal, the information screen is in the window of the ferry’s office.

Parking at the Ports

Both ports have parking areas with free and long-term parking right next to the the ferry.

Parking is at your own risk. See where to park on the map of the ports below.

Parking in Rudkøbing

In Rudkøbing you can park quite close to the ferry.

Just under 200 meters away.

The parking space by the hexagone harbor kiosk is long-term and for free.

Parking in Marstal

In Marstal you can park right by the ferry. About 20 - 100 meters away. Two parking spaces are located nearby. One is right next to the ferry’s lanes for waiting cars.

The other is just behind Havnekiosken. Both are long-term and for free.



People with walking difficulties:

For people with walking difficulties, wheel chair users, people with prams or others who have trouble with stairs there is a passenger lounge with 10 seats and a handicap toilet beside the deck. This lounge has enough floor space for one to be able to move from wheelchair to chairs or to place a walker close to you. We have marked two slots on the deck for people in car who need easy access to this lounge. These slots can be booked by adding a D (short for Deck lounge) to your car number. Then the crew will know that the car needs to be parked outside the Deck Lounge. Contact us if you need help booking.

Assistance at the landing and in Deck Lounge:

At extremely high- or low tide the ramp can be difficult to pass for people with walking difficulties. Our crew who is at the deck to lead people on board or ashore will offer their assistance if anyone is in need.

Service in Deck Lounge:

In Deck Lounge you will be able to buy a cup of coffee, tea or other hot beverages in the vending machine that will accept credit card and MobilePay. You can also buy beer, water, candy and snacks which is placed in the refrigerator. Payment by MobilePay.

People with special needs:

Braille is installed on board the ferry on the inside and outside railings. Speaker information about safety as well as boarding and disembarking sounds at each arrival and departure. The same information is displayed on info screens around the ferry. For people who need shielding, there is an area with shielded seating in the quiet room in the upper lounge.

Traveling with pets

  • It is allowed to bring Pets.
  • Under no circumstances may pets be on the seats in the lounges, but must stay on the floor.
  • Pets are welcome to stay in the cars during the crossing.
  • Fresh water for the pets are placed right by the stairs in the deck lounge.
  • Barking dogs are kindly referred to the summer lounge.
  • The crew’s instructions must be followed at all times.
  • Only small pets which can fit into a bag is allowed to travel with the transfer bus.

Tickets and cards

When you book your tickets you can choose one way or return. You pay for your tickets when you book. Tickets are sent to your e-mail address and you must bring the tickets on the ferry either in print or for display on a smartphone/tablet. If you have forgotten your tickets, you must buy new ones on board.

If you often travel with us you can benefit from buying a 10 trip ticket. We offer this discount ticket for persons, car and bus. The ticket is not personal so the entire family can use it. We also have 20 trip commuter tickets for persons and for one person and his/her car. Commuter tickets can only be purchased by persons with home address on Ærø and the main workplace outside Ærø or for persons with home address outside Ærø with a main workplace on Ærø. Documentation must be presented. Commuter tickets are personal and can only be used by the person to whom the card is issued.

Want to delight a family member or a good friend with a gift certificate for ÆrøXpressen? Call or write us an email with your order.

10 trip tickets cannot be used in High Season from 21/6 to 8/8 2021 (commuter tickets excepted)

Facilities on the ferry


On board are vending machines with drinks, chocolate and snacks in both the main lounge and deck lounge. As well as a freezer with ice cream in the main lounge. Payment by credit card or MobilePay.

Free WiFi

We offer you free WiFi on board the “ÆrøXpressen". All you need to do is connect to the WiFi network “AeroeXpressen free WiFi”, accept the GDPR (policy on the protection of your information) and you are ready to go online.


On our info screens around the ferry you will find information about the ship and about safety on board. Enjoy.


There are 2 toilets in the main lounge, 1 toilet in the summer lounge and 1 handicap toilet with entrance from the deck lounge.

Lost property

Lost property found on the ferry is handed over to the ferry office at Marstal Harbor. Here, the forgotten cases are stored for up to 2 weeks, after which they are handed over to either the police (for lost property of special value) or for charity/recycling.